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A Global Provider Of Leading-Edge Insurance And Wealth Solutions

Founded in 1994, Equisoft is a global provider of advanced digital solutions in life insurance and wealth management. Recognized as a valued partner by over 50 of the world’s leading financial institutions in 15 countries, Equisoft offers innovative front-end applications, extensive back-office services and a unique data migration expertise.


Why Equisoft?

15+ Years Implementing The Most Accolated Modern PAS System
No Other Modern PAS Implemented In 15+ Countries, By One Provider
180 (1)
Undisputed Global Leader For Complex Insurance Data Migration Projects - +200 Successful Projects
​Digitally Enabled Products For Insurers And Distributors Back And Front Offices
Unique value proposition with lower implementation timelines, costs and risks than competitors. 
State Of The Art Technology That Performs And Scales – Seamless Integration With Complex Carrier Ecosystems

Our Products


An easy-to-use, sales-flow-oriented wizard for electronic applications resulting in fast and seamless policy approvals.

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Equisoft/analyze for advisors

A comprehensive asset allocation and wealth analysis tool.

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Equisoft/analyze for wholesalers

A sales acceleration platform featuring guided investment product positioning and analytics.

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A back-office system connecting all stakeholders for streamlined insurance distribution and commission management.

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An advisor-focused CRM with built-in data aggregation capabilities to improve business efficiency.

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A complementary OIPA configuration and release management tool ensuring fast and cost-effective implementations.

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A flexible, user-friendly, multichannel solution for generating and comparing compliant quotes and illustrations.

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A SaaS policy administration solution using low-risk, production‑ready digital business processes.

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An intuitive and effective financial planning solution providing comprehensive financial portraits.

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