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Lessons Learned From The COVID-19 Crisis & Its Impact On The Future Of Fraternals

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Fraternal organizations have a long and proud tradition of service to their members, agents and communities. In uncertain times, their role is even more critical. But disaster recovery, physical distancing, and legacy system challenges make executing the Fraternal charter difficult. Join Equisoft and GCU to learn how Fraternals and their members can thrive in the new normal.

Join us as we discuss the following:
  • New disruptions Fraternals face today
  • What Fraternals learned from the upheaval – tools for supporting agents and members
  • What the digital future of Fraternals looks like post disruption

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Session Partners

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Our Speakers

Scott Schuetz

Executive Vice President/COO, GCU

Roger Soppe

Vice President, Insurance Advisory, Equisoft

Marc Blanchard

Business Innovation Specialist, Equisoft


What You'll Learn In This Webcast:


Fraternal challenges

Impact of the crisis on agents, members and community.


Lessons learned

New crisis, new lessons – tools for supporting agents and members.


Digital future

What's next for the digital future of Fraternals?

Don't miss out!

Watch the webcast to learn how Fraternals like GCU and their members can thrive in the new normal.


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